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Finally, since June 22 we are in an official beta phase in order to test, improve and grow The Pending. We are so grateful and excited about all the good feedback that we received so far and the countless creatives that have joined us already! THANK YOU!

Due to the early start we also ask you to be patient with us. We will grow, learn and adapt all together on this journey and clearly want your feedback in order to improve! We deeply hope that we can make this a place for us and our communities that is used in the same supportive & useful way that it can be now! 

Love and appreciation, 

The Pending Team

Exclusively for creative communities!

No likes needed to like each other!

100% data protection & free from ads!


..and connect in an environment free from likes & followers.

Believing that deeper exchange – especially in artistic & creative fields – should not be defined by likes & followers we got rid of them.


..and bring projects to life by finding collaborators in and outside of your field.

Clearly knowing the diffculties when bringing projects to life we aim to connect people from all sorts of fields in order to make things happen togehter.

INSPIRE being yourself and bringing support, respect and diversity to our community.

Convinced that inspiration is the key to almost everything  we encourage everyone to build a community of diversity, authenticity and respect together with us. Dedicated to be a place for connection and communication on a supportive & non competitive level, we want to be a space to learn, inform, discuss, share and grow collectively.



no likes and & optionally open between categories


specific to your profession – user, features, options


individual filter settings & a wide range of posting options


receive feedback optionally privately or use self deleting posts

..and a beginning for now. Stay tuned for more
features & tools!

Team & Supporters: 

Tim Kriegler

Tim Kriegler

Founder of The Pending, Professional Acrobat

Hubert Hofmann

Hubert Hofmann

Communities, Networks, Growth, Partners & Sponsors

Alina Shevchenko

Alina Shevchenko

Events & Production, Strategies, Management

Shay Govhary

Shay Govhary

Artistic Director, Filmmaker, Producer

Peter Bromme

Peter Bromme

Director Of Photography

Pranay Werner

Pranay Werner

Photographer, Professional Acrobat

Olivia Stubbe

Olivia Stubbe

Filmmaker, Producer

Avia Shoshani

Avia Shoshani

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Niklas Kornel

Niklas Kornel

Strategic Advisor



Technical Support, Development

Who we are?

Artists & dreamers with a vision. The vision of making this platform something unique together with you!

Based on years of professional experience in the creative & arts industry the idea for THE PENDING was born in the beginning of 2020.

Probably you can relate.. Our beautiful professions that are so much more than just jobs mean the world to us. They mean so much that we commit to all the difficulties, the hard work, the „?“ along the way and a life full of challenges in order to do what we love in a professional way.

There is no magic that could sort this out for us. But there’s a beautiful group of people with common needs, experiences and most important – the same passion for our craft. So what if there was a place where all of those people could come together. A place that is protected to the outside world and just for them, in order to exchange, to collaborate and last but not least: to inspire.

Based on these thoughts our platform THE PENDING came to life. Step by step and true to our name. We are and will be „pending“ on purpose and with full awareness in order to grow and bloom. And we are happy and proud to invite you to do the same together with us!

Who's included?

We are a platform for artists & creatives of all fields and scenes and want to be as inclusive as possible. If we forgot a category or you feel like we should add more options within them – we want to know that in order to change & improve! (

Hoping that your field is already included we kindly ask everyone to keep the community closed to artists & creatives only.  

What Our Users Say:

Ron Oppenheimer
Ron OppenheimerAcrobat
Having no likes included is a game changer and feels so good!
Alicia Ruben,
Alicia Ruben, Dancer
No matter if I want to ask, discuss or share something, this is the right place 🙂
Marion Crampe,
Marion Crampe, Pole Dancer
Collaboration is so essential and The Pending makes it so easy to find togehter!
Chris Myland,
Chris Myland, Choreographer
A perfect network to connect with professional artists of all kind worldwide, highly recommended.
Katharina Lebedew,
Katharina Lebedew, Acrobat
It`s so easy to come togehter & connect based on current needs.
Markus Pabst,
Markus Pabst,Art Director - Variety
The Pending helps me to find collaborators in & outside of my field in order realize my projects.

Our Values:

Living inclusion, diversity & imperfection

Is a must in order to create an environment where everyone is welcome

Acting out of passion & beliefs

Puts the deeper vision first & allows us to be authentic

Striving to think outside of the box

Is providing momentum for change while creating room for the new

Reinforcing a culture of support

Is the key to grow and to become the very best version of ourselves


Is The Pending a free application?

Considering the early launch and its reason we will not charge our users anything. Over a long term there will be OPTIONAL extra features that will be part of an upgraded user profile. Therefore we will charge a symbolic fee in order to cover running costs, develop and grow our platform. In general and depending on individual needs it will always be possible to use a free version of you platform!

Do you plan to add functions & features?

Yes! Many new ideas are out there and we are already actively working on them, striving to build a multifunctional plattform for all your needs in order to make your life easier and more comfortable step by step, day by day.

Is my personal data as well as uploaded media safe?

Your data is not just data for us, it is the data of our community that we ensure to treat with the highest respect possible. Having you with us is a proof of your trust that we need and want to give back to you! Therefore we ensure you to keep your data safe and protected from third parties and others at anytime.

When posting delicate information or work in progress please keep in mind that screenshots & screenrecordings might be taken by others. Unfortunately this is out of our control and we can not take responsibitlity for that. So simply keep it in mind.

Is there a destkop version of The Pending?

Not yet. Based on our user surveys we will work on it once it gets relevant.

There are technical difficulties, what can I do?

No worries, we are here for you! Contact us using or fill out the contact form on our webpage. We will get to you as soon as possible!

Is there a way to report posts or users?

Yes, you can choose from a row of reporting options by clicking on the menu next to the username - connected to each post.
Fore more info please also visit our community guidelines:

CONTACT US / leave your Feedback!